Physcomitrella accessions

Several Physcomitrella accessions from the northern and southern hemisphere, encompassing several subspecies, have been provided to us by the moss community. Characterization and mapping using microsatellite markers are under way. We would like to thank the persons who provided us with the samples and encourage everybody to send us further accessions.

Contact: The International Moss Stock Center (IMSC)

Please click on the locations on the map below for details about the ecotypes.
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ecotype_worldmap USA France Germany Norway GB undef undef Japan Australia Affrica undef USA2 Ukraine Sweden Portugal

The internal transcribed spacers (ITS) as well as parts of the adenosine 5' phosphosulfate reductase (apr) and phosphoadenosine-phosphosulphate reductase (papr) genes have been sequenced from accessions out of Africa, Europe, Japan and Australia. The sequences are available as fasta files below.

ITS, APR introns,APR exons, PAPR introns,PAPR exons