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We have determined a comparative set of transcription associated protein TAP families which are focused on, but not limited to, land plants. Beside transcription factors (TF), extensively studied in seed plants, PlanTAPDB includes transcriptional regulators (TR) and putative TAPs and covers a broad taxonomic range including algae and a moss. For detailed description of TAP classifications see the category page.

Gene clusters were built by using PSI-BLAST searches and subsequent filtering and clustering steps followed by a comprehensive manual annotation procedure. Phylogenies were created in an automated way for all families using a combination of distance and maximum likelihood methods.

The TAP families are listed below, grouped according to their functional category, and link to the corresponding family entries.

Sandra Richardt, Daniel Lang, Ralf Reski, Wolfgang Frank and Stefan A. Rensing (2007): PlanTAPDB - A phylogeny-based comprehensive resource of plant transcription associated proteins (Plant Physiology 143, 1452-1466)

Entries belong to one of 119 families (138 subfamilies):

TR (55):

ADA2 (1)ARID (1)AUX/IAA (1)BolA (1)
C3H (1)CBP/p300 (1)CCR4-NOT (1)Coactivator p15 (1)
CSD (1)Dicer and Argonaute (1)GIF (1)GNAT (1)
HMG (1)IWS1 (1)Jumonji (1)MBF1 (1)
MED25/Cse2 (1)MED6 (1)MED7 (1)MRG (1)
mTERF (1)NPR1 and CAMTA/AtSR (1)NusG (1)PcG (1)
PcG and CAMTA/AtSR (1)PHD (1)PLATZ (1)Pseudo ARR-B (1)
Rb (1)Rcd1-like (1)RRN3 (1)Sigma54 (1)
Sigma70 / RpoD (1)Sin3 (1)Sir2 (1)SOH1 (1)
SRA-YDG, RING finger and PHD domain containing (1)SWI/SNF (2)SWR1 (1)TAFII (1)
TAZ (1)TFb2 (1)TFIIA (1)TFIIB (1)
TFIIS (1)TRAF (1)YEATS (1)Zinc finger, AN1 and A20 type (1)
Zinc finger, AN1 type (1)Zinc finger, ZPR1 (1)

TF (59):

Alfin-like (1)AN and MYB (1)AP2/ERF (3)B3 (4)
bHLH (1)bZIP (1)C2C2 (4)C2H2 (2)
CAMTA/AtSR (1)CCAAT (4)CPP (1)E2F/DP (1)
EIL (1)FHA (1)GARP (1)GRAS (1)
HB (4)Histidine triad (HIT) (1)HLH domain containing (1)HSF (1)
Jumonji and C2H2 (1)LFY (1)LIM (1)LUG and other WD40 repeat proteins (1)
MADS (2)MYB (3)NAC (1)NIN-like (1)
PHOR1 (1)RFX (1)SBP (1)SEU (1)
SRS (1)STAT (1)Trihelix (1)TUB/TULP (1)
WRKY (1)ZF-HD (1)ZIM (1)Zinc finger, MIZ type (1)
Zinc finger, NF-X1 type (1)

putative TAP (24):

BRCT (1)Bromodomain and Acetyltransferase domain containing (1)BSD domain domain containing (1)Coactivator p100 (1)
COP1 (1)DUF1664 domain containing (1)DUF246 domain containing (1)DUF296 and HMG DNA-binding domain containing (1)
DUF547 domain containing (1)DUF632 and DUF630 domain containing (1)DUF667 domain containing (1)DUF668 domain containing (1)
DUF833 domain containing (1)F-Box and LRR domain containing (1)Herpes virus immediate early protein (1)hypothetical protein w/o frequent motif (1)
LRR domain containing (1)PDZ and TPR domain containing (1)PTHR13230 domain containing (1)PTHR13421 domain containing (1)
TPR and Ankyrin domain containing (1)TPR domain containing (1)UPF0089 and DUF1298 domain containing (1)WD40 repeat containing (1)

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