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In eukaryotes, the transcription of protein-coding genes is controlled by complex networks of transcription associated proteins (TAPs). Plant TAP families were classified into three categories according to their role in transcriptional regulation:
  1. DNA-binding transcription factors (TF), which directly activate or repress transcription of target genes upon binding to the promoter or upstream enhancer / silencer elements
  2. Transcriptional regulators (TR), comprising of general transcription initiation factors (interacting with RNA polymerase II and/or core promoter elements and recruiting components of the basal transcription machinery), co-activators / -repressors (binding to and influencing the activity of TFs) and chromatin remodelling factors (affecting the accessibility of DNA through histone modifications and DNA methylation)
  3. Putative TAP (PT) with unknown function and/or domains that are possibly associated with transcriptional regulation

Entries belong to one of 3 categories:

putative TAP (24)TF (59)TR (55)

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